So You Wanna Know More?

Skinful Pleasures is the best source for custom skin art and piercings in the Bakken area. Located in the heart of downtown Williston, the shop has been owned and operated by Tim Lund, since its inception June, 2003.

Tim began drawing at an early age. As the years went by the passion for art faded as many things do in life. After moving around from state to state, he ended up back in the town he started in, Williston North Dakota. Long time friends help him renew his passion for art and shortly after he was introduced to the art of tattooing. Curiosity raged and with help from family purchased his first tattooing setup. Being out here far away from any link to the industry, learning how was a slow pain staking process... for his friends! Learning all he could from books and the rare opportunity of other artists, He took the step of making a business of it. Finding a suitable location in Williston, the creation of Skinful Pleasures had begun. In February of 2003 he began to convert what once was a beauty salon into Williston's first tattoo shop. June 10th, 2003 the doors opened and Skinful Pleasures was on it's way. Years have past and the shop has turned into something bigger than he ever imagined. So with a big thank you to all past and future clients, we hope to see all of you in the shop and show you what we can do for you!

Skinful Pleasures was Established June 2003, and is located downtown, 101 main Street Williston ND 58801 and the Store Hours are noon - 7pm Tuesday through Saturday. If you have any questions give us a call at 701-774-8282 or you can Send Us an Email!. Also all customers should remember that a $40 deposit required on all appointments. More if a slot larger than two hours is needed.